Time tracking

Track time via PC, Mac, Outlook, smartphones and/or tablets.

Our timesheet systems not only track time, they save time, hours each week.

Outlook Timesheet

Turns Outlook appointments and emails into timesheets!

Resource Scheduling

Streamlines your resource scheduling process.

Stop struggling with Excel spreadsheets and Outlook.
See how a specialist resource scheduling tool can make
scheduling simpler, easier, and faster.

Costing, Charging & Billing

Benjamin Franklin said 'Time is Money'. We make that a reality.

With unlimited charge-out rates and intelligent billing systems
we help you actually turn your time into money.

Employee & Project Expenses

Friendly, easy to use PC/phone/tablet expenses entry.

Includes manager approval, seamless integration with billing and financials,
and makes expenses management simple and easy. Saves time, too!

Everything in one!

Time&Space® has it all!

Includes all features of all products in one package:
- Time tracking
- Expenses tracking
- Resource scheduling
- Project costing and charging
- Billing
- Business Intelligence Reporting
- A complete professional services
  automation solution


Browser, Smartphone, & Tablet Solutions

Available in the Cloud or for On-Premise installation


Time Tracking Solution

A user-friendly yet highly configurable timesheet solution with powerful administration, reporting, and analysis facilities. Supports PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

Learn more about Time®


Outlook Time Tracking Solution

Turns Outlook appointments and emails into timesheets!

Runs within Outlook 2013, 2010, and 2007, and allows users to allocate Customer / Project assignments to Outlook appointments and emails, and then post them to their timesheet. Saves hours each week, pays for itself in minutes.

Learn more about OutlookTime®


Time and Billing Solution

Sophisticated time tracking, project costing, and charging solution with optional billing. A highly configurable, browser-based solution that supports PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

Learn more about Time®&Money


Resource Scheduling Solution

Collaborative resource scheduling solution helps schedulers plan and manage complex schedules, view multiple resources side-by-side, color code different types of bookings, search for resource by availability / skill. The system can seamlessly sync user’s Outlook Calendars and supports smartphones and tablets.

Learn more about WhiteSpace®


Everything all in one!

Time&Space® includes all of the functionality of Time®, Time®&Money, and WhiteSpace® in one unified solution that includes: time and expense tracking, resource scheduling, capacity planning, project costing, billing, and enterprise intelligence reporting.

Learn more about Time&Space®

Windows Client / Server Solutions


Windows Time & Billing Solution

Traditional Windows Client/Server based time recording, project costing and billing solution for on-premise installation. The most-recent Version 11 system includes upgraded time tracking and expenses entry systems and there are new options available including mobile and tablet timesheet entry and Outlook timesheet entry.

There is also a new product available called CentralTime® Enterprise which is 100% browser based, supports all browsers and offers a range of new options including mobile and tablet timesheet and expenses entry, auto alerts, advanced dashboards and Outlook timesheet entry!



Windows Resource Scheduling Solution

Traditional Windows client/server based resource scheduling solution for on-premises installation.

New for 2015, the latest Version 11 system provides Office 2013 look and feel, support for Windows 10, a range of new enhancements for existing customers and support for Exchange 2007 & 2010. There is also a new product available called Wallchart® Enterprise which is 100% browser based, supports all browsers, integrates with Outlook 365 & Exchange 2013, and offers a range of new options including mobile & tablet support, a My Schedule view for end users, advanced dashboards, mapping, auto alerts and a new advanced view.

Learn More about Wallchart®