A dream come true for Outlook users
OutlookTime® turns Outlook appointments (and emails)
into timesheets!

Outlook timesheet reporter

No, you are not dreaming, the OutlookTime® timesheet reporter turns outlook appointments and emails into timesheets!

OutlookTime® runs within Outlook 2016-2007 and blends in so perfectly, you’ll think it is part of Outlook itself.

With OutlookTime®, Outlook becomes a timesheet, and it is incredibly easy to report on time, value and bill time if you wish to.

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Who are we?

Timewatch is a specialist in timesheets and time tracking.

We have a passion for designing beautiful software that is easy to use, easy to learn, easy to support and highly scalable. Timewatch has off-the-shelf solutions, but we also support customization for those that demand a perfect fit.

Timewatch has customers all over the world and has been successfully developing, delivering, maintaining timesheet solutions for 25 years.

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Who are our customers?

Our customers include household names with thousands of employees to small businesses across an incredibly broad range of industries.

This diversity attests to the flexibility and scalability of our solutions. Timewatch products are designed to fit your business needs today and be able to adapt and grow as your needs evolve in the future.

Customers / Industries

Turns Outlook Appointments into Timesheets!

OutlookTime® turns Outlook appointments into timesheets. Outlook time tracking

It’s a dream come true for Outlook users. Now you can allocate customer and project information to your appointments and then post them to your timesheet at the click of a button.

Saves hours each week. Pays for itself in minutes.

(Supports Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, and now 2016.)

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Timesheet Reporter

Timewatch’s outlook timesheet reporter allows users to turn outlook appointments into timesheets at the click of a button! timesheet reporteroutlook timesheet reporter

Optional Web and Mobile timesheet

Track time from PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and Outlook.

For those that want to save time by turning their Outlook appointments into timesheets, but want a traditional timesheet as well, try our Pro edition. This allows users to post time from Outlook to their Web timesheet, which is accessible from PCs, Macs, Smartphones and Tablets too.

Our timesheet systems are so intuitive and easy to learn that no training is required. OutlookTime® typically saves employees between one to three hours per week and pays for itself in minutes.

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Multiple Reporting Tools.

Different people within an organization need information in different ways.

Some want detailed reports. Some a quick, high level, overview. Others want data in a spreadsheet they can interact with, some want to be alerted to issues that need their attention.

With Timewatch, you can have all of this and more!

Choose your product

Optional billing.

Grow as you grow

Start with timesheet reporting, add costing and charging, then billing if and when you need it.

Billing utilizes rules you define for timesheet entries to ‘suggest’ draft invoices for you to approve. Admin users can adjust time and charges, you can even allow project managers to mark changes for finance to approve. The system integrates with a number of off-the-shelf financial systems and APIs allow integration with any modern system.

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If you using charging or billing and work internationally, we can help.

We use the same highly accurate and historically dated rate systems you’d expect in a high-end ERP system, and then gone a few steps further.

A multi-currency time tracking system requires more than the base and transaction currency of a financial system as customers and projects may be in a different currency from the base currency and transaction currencies. Multi-currency is available as an option in Pro and Enterprise editions.

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"You have the best resource scheduling solution I've seen. "

− US Strategic Air Defence

"Now we have efficient, accurate and scalable enterprise scheduling system and are not dependent on complex spreadsheets. Thanks!"

− Senn Delany

"Our business is all about selling time, and this is what Timewatch does for us better than anything else. It is so flexible it solves every challenge we throw at it."

− Barton Willmore, Architects

"With WhiteSpace® we make better resource scheduling decisions. We avoid recruiting too early and being overstaffed, or recruiting too late and being understaffed."

− BCS Group

"Time®&Money helps keep us competitive. It gives us a better grasp on ongoing time costs and bill more accurately, faster and improves cash flow."

− Blue Marketing

"No question of it, Time® has improved our effectiveness. I can see time by project and how close to budget we are, invoicing is more timely, we have no 'lost' hours and more data to back up invoices."

− Cincom, Software Company

"Timewatch supports personalization, which is crucial for us as it allows us to meet our requirements 100%."

− Charles Taylor Consulting

"It was a 'no brainer', the gains obtained from invoicing quicker month more than justified the cost. I love this timesheet system, it does exactly what it says on the box!"

− Unipower

"We've gained a time recording system that links with our financials system and provides us with better project management, financial control and avoids duplicate data entry."

− Spectrum

"With Timewatch we know who has and has not submitted a timesheet, which projects are making money and report back to our clients weekly on costs incurred on their projects."

− Sphere, Oil & Gas